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Playmobil 9891 - Viking Ship with 3 Viking Figures

Playmobil 9891 - Viking Ship with 3 Viking Figures

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  • This item is packed in a sealed bag from Playmobil. No retail box packaging.
  • The ship floats and can be upgraded with the Playmobil Underwater Motor. 
  • Rudder and sails are movable. Foot clamps provided for firm hold of the Vikings.


Embark on daring seafaring adventures with the Playmobil Viking Ship. This meticulously crafted playset brings the spirit of the legendary Viking explorers to life, featuring a sturdy and authentic-looking ship equipped for voyages across uncharted waters. With its dragon-head prow and intricate details, the Viking Ship exudes the bold and fearless spirit of these ancient seafarers.


EAN: 4008789098917

Model: 9891

Binding: Toy

Item Condition: New

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