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Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games Eldritch Horror Board Game

Fantasy Flight Games Eldritch Horror Board Game

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  • Beautifully illustrated game board and cards
  • Cooperative gameplay for 1-8 players
  • Challenging game mechanics that require strategy and teamwork
  • Exciting storylines and quests that immerse players in a Lovecraftian world of horror and mystery
  • Ages 14+


Experience the thrill of adventure and the horror of the unknown with the Eldritch Horror Board Game by Fantasy Flight Games. Set in the 1920s, players must work together to investigate mysterious occurrences around the world while facing off against cosmic horrors and ancient evils that threaten to destroy humanity.

With beautiful artwork and intricate game mechanics, Eldritch Horror is a must-have for any board game enthusiast or Lovecraftian horror fan. This game is designed for 1-8 players, ages 14 and up, and can be played in approximately 2-4 hours.


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